Filament Techne3D ASA

Dear 3D printing users!

We are happy to announce that we have launched our new filament Techne3D ASA. It is well known that ABS and PLA are still the most used materials in 3D printing technology. Development of new, special materials is happening rapidly and the market is offering a wide range of filaments. One of them – the ASA filament is becoming very popular and an interesting alternative to ABS. Exceptional mechanical and thermal properties, excellent weather resistance, UV resistance, strength and durability, maintaining physical properties over time, are qualities that increase its popularity and application among 3D printing users. ASA filament is suitable for printing  functional prototypes, complex products, out-door applications, as well as objects for everyday use. It is a widespread material used in automotive and naval industry.


Order and try filament Techne3D ASA.

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