Techne3D ASA Ivory

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Techne3D ASA filament is a high-quality filament for 3D printing and is an excellent alternative to ABS, especially if you want to print a product that will be exposed to weather conditions.Due to its excellent mechanical properties it is suitable for printing pre-serial functional parts, prototypes, other engineering products, tools, products for everyday use and items or applications for outdoor use. Exceptional mechanical and thermal properties, excellent weather resistance, UV resistance, strength and toughness, maintaining the physical properties over time (color, shape) are properties that increase its popularity among 3D printing users.

Printing with Techne3D ASA is stable. It has a very good and balanced flow rate, which also allows printing of complex details. Layer adhesion forms smooth surfaces.

Techne3D filaments guarantee quality, precision and excellent tolerance (+/- 0.05 mm). Techne3D filaments are colored with high-quality and impeccable colors from Germany. The colors are in accordance with the color scale RAL.

Techne3D filaments are compatible with all standard 3D printers with FDM technology.

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